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Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Ah yes! Anxiety! Come in my dear friend!
Anxiety: “I find it rude of you to interrupt my anxiety joke with your positive attitude!”

What is anxiety? And how does it affect the way we think? Or is it the way we think that gives us anxiety? Quite the chicken or the egg dilemma if you ask me! Well I’m here to tell you that our pesky stinkin’ thinkin is the culprit in this quandary. 

winning kid.jpg

are you a winner?

What is more important? Trying or succeeding?

I remember a topic of debate my cohort in grad school discussed one night. It was the subject of how “Everyone’s a winner” is sending the wrong message to kids.  For the last decade or so, gold medals and blue ribbons are passed out to everyone who merely shows up and participates in a competition. The debate was, is everyone a winner? Or is the winner the one who crosses the finish line first? Theoretically, the winner would be the person who finishes the competition first, however, in order to be the winner, at some point great effort, practice and attempts had to be made.